It's been several years since I built this tool as a weekend project. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction I received back then, but the fact that still has a vibrant daily community is frankly astounding to me.

I've always wanted to build a mobile version of the app. Something you could plug headphones into and Morse with your friends on the go with. Unfortunately that hasn't panned out. I want to build it in JavaScript, but the available tooling (React Native, phonegap, and so on) isn't there yet; the audio at the core of the app is just too buggy. The mobile app will have to wait.

The good news is that a premium desktop app is on the way!

The desktop app will have lots of great stuff:

The desktop app will be a paid app, probably a one-time fee between $10-$20. The desktop app should work on modern Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

The free website will continue to function as-is (ie, anonymous users in public channels). Eventually, the website will get some of the new features from the desktop app, but not all of them.

This approach is the most reasonable and achievable next-step for that I can think of. While a mobile app would be my first choice, it just isn't realistic or achievable. A desktop app, on the other hand, is already in progress and gives me a chance to build premium features for the daily power users who want to keep in touch with specific friends they've made through the site.

Personally, I'm most excited for the new community features of the app. Private or group rooms will save their message history (until you delete the room) so that you don't need to be online at the same time. Hopefully this will lead to people developing closer relationships from across the globe.

I think you can expect the desktop app to be available around Christmas :)